Suggestions for Speed, Responsiveness, Efficiency

First up front, I just want to say that this is the best addon ever, I’m currently using it for 3 languages daily. Thank you for the amazing work, this has made learning languages 1000x more fun for me. I’m using it with Youtube primarily and sometimes with offline video files and imported subtitles.

Here’s a few ideas I have for improvements:

  1. An option to remove the small delay that happens when you hover over a word to display the translation of a single word. My current workflow is like this: I don’t display any english subtitles, just the target language and I use my mouse to quickly hover over unknown words as they appear, I usually do this while listening in real time and rarely stop playback manually, I will use the auto pause while hovering over a word if needed. Sometimes if there’s a few words I don’t know in a sentence I will jump to each with the mouse quickly to check the meaning while playback is still going. That small little fade-in that happens every time you hover over a new word just slows things down in my opinion, I would love it if I could just turn the fade in off entirely and it just displayed immediately.

  2. The possibility to bind a keyboard shortcut to display the hover over definitions only on words that are marked not known (orange). If this existed it would basically solve issue 1 mentioned above since I wouldn’t have to use the mouse to display the words I’m interested in, just tap a keybind on the keyboard to turn it on and off quickly.

  3. The possibility to rebind the keyboard shortcuts to whatever you want.

  4. Keyboard shortcut binding options for tagging the currently selected word. When you left click a word and bring up the option to add an underline colour tag, it would be awesome to just be able to hit 1-5 or something and have it switch the tag colour for that word.

  5. Is there a way to cache all of the word definitions for the entire video ahead of time so there is no delay at all reaching out to get the definition? I’m not sure if this is how it works, but it seems like sometimes there is a delay just trying to get a definition, like it’s making a call out to an api or whatever to grab the definition and it doesn’t even fade in the definition for a while - like a network latency issue, independent of the definition fading in like I mentioned in point 1. If there was an option to have a longer load time up front with no delays while in the middle of playback I would pick that for sure.

  6. The possibility to completely remove romanizations on Korean mouse over definitions - currently it shows the english definition then the romanized version of the word for pronounciation above it, it would be great to have an option to hide/remove that pronounciation above and just have the english word.

  7. The same user experience in the offline video player as you get with the Youtube video player experience. The way the youtube player is laid out and how it works is amazing, the offline video player with added subtitle player has a different system and I find it doesn’t work nearly as well (I know that this was in Beta for a while, maybe it still is but it’s pretty clunky compared to the Youtube and Netflix integrations still).

  8. This would just be a bonus, but the flexibility to change the colours used for words, like switching the green/orange/white for main words and changing the colours of the tags themselves to anything you want. I like the current configuration but it would be neat to be able to switch it to a custom colour configuration.

What I gather from the current version of Language Reactor is that you guys want to keep the interface as simple as possible and easy to use for users which I think is a great way of doing things, so maybe some of my suggestions are too technical and would introduce too many options to the end users. If there is a way for me to just do this on my own with a quick change to some code somewhere I would welcome that solution as well.

Anyway, hopefully this reaches someone from the dev team - I just want to put my thoughts out there since I’m really an avid fan of this addon and plan to use it for a long time to come.