Key bind shortcuts and setting a default language

Hey everyone, let me start by emphasizing how grateful I am for this extension and how much I love it, there’s only a few minor quality-of-life improvements that I’d like to see, two in particular:

  • The ability to bind keyboard shortcuts to other keys, I’d love to be able to map my mouse buttons to the repeat or play/pause shortcuts, for example. I could probably use another extension on top of this one to do that but it would be a lot easier for the userbase if it was already a built-in feature.

  • Being able to select a default language, or have the extension remember the last language used. I currently have to change the language and subtitles at the start of every episode because Netflix will just default to English for some reason, not sure if there are any workarounds for this, but it is a persistently annoying little issue.

Again these are minor issues, but a fix would certainly help with the fluidity of the learning process.

Thanks a lot to the team and everyone involved!!!


I was looking for a post like this one before posting the same thing, I agree so much with this, I don’t use a default keyboard layout (I use colmak), and on top of that I also use extension like vimium that allows me to move in my browser without using the mouse, I have shortcuts that conflict each other.

Being able to remap certain action would be a great addition.