Feature Request: save/see the translation for expressions or sets of 2-3 words


I think it would be great to have an option to see/save the translation not only for individual words but for sets of 2-3 words that are used as an expression. For example, in turkish separately, “Hoş” means “nice, lovely” and geldiniz is the word form of coming, but together “Hoş geldiniz” means “welcome”

Maybe to start it could use google translator “Reviewed by contributors” database with such expressions or even the regular could work

So, when you are watching, expressions in the sentence could be lined, so you can hover over the line and see translations

Or maybe it would be easier to make it similar to LingQ where you can select/highlight 2-3 words from the sentence and see the translation either from google/context reverso etc.

Thank you!


I agree with you. From time to time someone suggets this. I hope they will add this feature because I’m learning English and it would very useful for phrasal verbs.