Full screen mode on Ultrawide monitor stretches the video

Whenever I try to watch media in 16:9 ratio on my 21:9 ratio monitor and put the video in full screen, which to me is necessary to focus on the content. The entire video just stretches. I get this when I try to watch media from my own files or TurtleTube. I do not get this issue with Netflix.

This issue makes watching content unbearable.

Video: roq01rXS05

Hi, should be fixed now.

I still have the issue, even after updating the extension.

On the website video file player (Language Reactor), or the extension?

I have it wherever, extension or the browser. I also tried to run the website via Firefox and in Firefox I didn’t have the issue with Turtletube, but with local files the issue still remained.

Hi, I really like the video file player feature so I tried to figure out. The bug has something to do with the “padding-bottom: 56.25%” on #video-wrap. Removing it when the player is in fullscreen should do the trick.

Also, it will be nice to hide the control bars when it is in fullscreen and make them visible with hover interaction or when the video is paused.