gender of nouns

Hello !
I am learning German, for that reason I am using this useful extension.
I realized that would be a great idea for the developers to put next to the translation of the word the gender (masculine, femenine or neuter) of it. In google translate. I am not an expert in coding, but I think that fore sure this information can be obtained from some website.

That was my idea !!
Best !


yes , im also learning german and your idea is very good . showing gerndes is a good idea .

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Hey guys, thank you for your request.

I just checked and our sentence analyzer for german do provide us with information such as gender for noun, tense for verbs, etc.

We will try to add in the UI some of these info in a non-intrusive way (we don’t want the tool to be too cluttered, of course).

Keep you in touch !

Thanks for your reply!
So far, I am selecting each word and then once I know the gender, I change the color of the word. So far, each German-learner use colors to learn the gender of each word, so maybe the pathway could be in that direction, on which each used could select his favorite color for each gender, then we could see the subtitle already with the color.
Also, would be great to have more colors available, or have 5-6 colors in total, but we can choose them.

Thanks again!I love your work :heart:

Hey, thanks for your cheers :slight_smile:

If you’re saving words simply on some property like gender (tense, mood, etc ?), we can create a specific mode that will highlight with different colors (with an underline for instance) the properties you want to see. So this way you will not need to save tons of words and think about in which category you want to insert them.

Would it be a useful feature in your opinion ?


Would be more than useful. In German language, the most difficult is to learn the gender of each word. I would say tense, mood, are not necessary. Just the gender: Masculine, Feminine and Neuter.
For example, use blue to highlight feminine, red (masculine), green (neuter).
I am really happy you are taking my comments under consideration! This is a real struggle for each student of this language.


Yea that would be awesome

Any update with the noun genders?
It would be really useful if a noun gender for German language pops up when clicking on a word (I mean to see it together with a translation, pronunciation and examples). It is possible to check it on external dictionaries. This however is time consuming and takes the “smoothness” of watching a movie/tv show away since one needs to check a freshly opened window.

Yea, coding you can at least for English just add THE in front of nouns and the API will take care of it i guess.