How are words marked as learnt via language pump?

I don’t see any way to mark a sentence as “understood” in phrasepump, just a way to manually mark a word as learnt. I was hoping for something that might use spaced repetition (or ebisu). I’m under the impression that this requires the user telling the algorithm whether they were able to properly recall a flash card. I see no button in phrase to mark successes (or failures) on flash cards.

Is this, something that is there but I failed to see? Am i just being impatient and it’s planned in a future release?

Either way, Phrase pump is an amazing feature and i can’t wait to see how it evolves.

Nevermind, I started seeing the cards you can answer to today. If anyone else wonders the same thing: after a couple of days you’ll get “quizz cards”

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I was wondering this too! Thanks for asking and answering.

This is also a fantastic (and written) response by a user of LR that I wanted to pop in for users of the future:

I hope it provides some clarity in addition to the above. I know it did for me! :slight_smile: