How to use this tool properly?

I don’t know how to do insert subs for Youtube videos

I found some Polish Musics I like, they don’t have captions but i found the lyrics on internet

what to do )

for example, this one PRO8L3M - Monza - YouTube

i want the subs of this music in English and in Polish, how do i do that?

Obviously the original video uploader didn’t add their own subtitles for the PRO8L3M song, nor probably did they specify which language (Polish). I think this then means that YouTube can’t recognise which language for the subtitles, so no auto-generated subtitles will appear.

I don’t know how to easily do what you want, but for what it’s worth, here is one way to do it:

  1. Download the YouTube video
    There are lots of online YT downloaders. Fwiw again, I use the free app 4K Video Downloader, which has served me well.

  2. Upload it to your YT channel, via the “Create” button on the top left of your channel, which opens YouTube Studio.

  3. As you upload your video and walk through the steps, select the language Polish. Selecting the correct language seems to add auto-generated subtitles (in my experience). It may take a few hours, but YouTube should eventually show your uploaded video with a guess at the Polish subtitles.

  4. If you want accurate subtitles to perfectly match the lyrics you found, then while working your way through the Studio upload procedure, click on Subtitles and add your custom Polish subtitles. This is essentially cut & paste, but your video is 3:47 long, so it shouldn’t take too long.
    (Alternatively, you could also do it on your desktop with a tool like Subtitle Edit, then upload those subtitles)

After you’ve finished with the Studio, and you added your own accurate subtitles (as per step 4), you should then be able to see the video in your channel, with Polish subtitles. LanguageReactor then provides other subtitles (such as English translation).

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