Swap youtube subtitles with translation subtitles?

I don’t know how to do swap the youtube subtitles for the translation subtitles. For example I am watching a show on youtube that only has English subtitles. I am learning French so I have language reactor show the french subtitles below the english ones. However what I would like is to have the French subtitles on top, and english below. This way I can click on the french words for translations, etc. Is this possible?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Easy peasy…
First you switch LR to “on” (if you do it after it fucks the whole process).
Then put the English YouTube subs on auto-translate to French (click the cog item at the right of the “CC” icon, click on subtitles, click on auto-translate and then chose the language),
then LR will detect them as French subs and main subtitles you can click on
and give you the translation in English beneath (activate machine subs in the settings for that).

Thanks for your help! Problem here is the video does not allow auto-translate to french. The only option for subtitles from youtube is English. So best I can do is have LR display french subtitles below, which is not optimal as I can’t interact with the french phrases. Any other ideas? ie. to display the french subtitles on top as the primary language when youtube only has the option of english subtitles. I feel like LR would have this technology but can’t see how to do it.