Need Japanese subtitles

I don’t know how to show two languages as subtitles. Now I see both English. My tongue language is Japanese, and I study English. I am sure to set the Japanese translation language in settings.

I live in America, and I am not sure this issue relates to my location. I found someone who had the same problem last August, but it looks like it has not been solved yet.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Stunlish55,

You would need to go to the settings gear (:gear:) icon on the Tool Bar of the Youtube/Netflix Video you are using and look at the settings you have set for the video:

Settings Gear Icon:

LR Settings button within Netflix bar

Youtube Example:

Netflix Example:

Note: I’m learning Korean, and my Netflix interface (UI) is set for Korean/한국어 so the characters are Hangeul/한글

The above are just examples from the perspective of a user with a tongue language of English trying to learn Korean. Your best bet would be to mess around a bit with the settings while using the above as a guide:

  • Your Audio setting would be the setting of the language you hear on the video (likely English) when it plays.
  • Your Subtitle language would be the language you need the translation from (i.e., still English because you will set your translation language to Japanese in the following setting).
  • Your Translation language would be your tongue language/the language you understand the best (Japanese).

No issue with your location. You should be able to use it just fine.

I hope this helps!

P. S. Here is another post that might help you get started with LR (for new LR learners that might need it).