[ANSWERED] Subtitle List panel -- switch to target language

Unless I’m missing something, I can’t see how to get my target language (Thai) to show up in the Subtitle panel when watching an English language movie. I want to be able to watch English movies but see the target language subtitles in the subtitles panel. That way I can learn my target language while also watching English movies and series I want to see anyway. Is there a way to do this? If not, please add it! :slight_smile: :pray:

Hello, if Netflix or Youtube dispose of the Thai subtitle, you should be able to switch in on in the language reactor setting : “Netflix Subtitle Language”.

Can you send us a link of the video you would like to have the thai subtitle, as well as telling us from which country you are watching it ? (netflix has different subtitles for a same movie/show depending on the region you are).

Thank you !

Hi, thanks for the response, but I think I didn’t ask my question clearly enough.
When I watch a Netflix movie like Batman in my native language (English), I have the subtitles showing both English and Thai (my target language). But I was having trouble figuring out how to get Thai subtitles to show up in window on the right that lists all the subtitles. I could only get English subs to show up in that window.


  • Are you sure the show has Thai subtitles available from netflix ? To be sure of this, either open netflix in a browser without LR (mozilla, edge, etc…), or uninstall LR and watch the same show.

  • If thai is available without LR, make then sure to have Thai language enabled in this panel : https://www.netflix.com/settings/language .

  • If both step 1 and 2 are correct but you still can’t select Thai, please send a screenshot of your LR settings, as well as a link to the video.

Thanks !

I got it working, thanks for the reply. :pray:

Great ! May I ask what solved your problem ? So we can tell other user what confusion they might face sometimes :slight_smile: