Using Youtube automatic subtitles for translation

Hi, I am trying to learn Japanese using Language Reactor on YouTube.

Some YouTube videos have both Japanese and English subtitles added by the YouTubers. I am trying to use my native language for the secondary subtitle. By default, Language Reactor uses Japanese-to-my native language translation for the secondary subtitle. I want to use English-to-my-native language translation because Japanese is a very context-bound language, and automatic translations from Japanese to another language do not work well. English subtitles created by YouTubers work well for translation purposes because they have necassary context information.

Could you please add an option to select the source language subtitle for automatic translations? YouTube already has this option, but I couldn’t use it with LR. When I change the YouTube Subtitle Language from settings, the primary subtitle language changes as expected. This makes translations much more accurate for Japanese, but I can’t see Japanese text at the same time. Changing this setting affects both translation source language and primary subtitle language.