Both subtitles at the same time

I am learning Greek, and I want to watch YouTube videos with both Greek and English subs in the side view, not just within the video view itself.
When I go to the main Language Reactor web app, I can do this, but only with the videos which have already been added to the channels. When I play my video in YouTube (with the Chrome plugin installed), the side view only shows the subs for one language at a time. I want them both to be visible like in the web app, or if this is not possible, can I import my own videos into the web app?
By the way, in YouTube I know that I can hover over the Greek text in the side view and see a tooltip with the English translation, but I want the English to always be visible, as can be done in the Language Reactor web app.
The video I am talking about has time stamped subs in both Greek and English.
Thanks a lot,
Jim Morrison

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Hi @Jim_Morrison,

As far as I know that is not yet a feature. Would be a good one to have for language learners like yourself who would benefit from it.

Only thing I know with a similar effect, but not the same. Is the LingQ app with the extension Rooster Reader for LingQ.

There is also the extension Rooster YouTube Tools that will display a popup window for your studied/target language and a popup window for your translation/native/most fluent language, but again, not exactly the same display format you mention in your post.

I think I remember someone being interested in the feature you’re mentioning in one of the older posts on the forum, but I’m not sure. I suggest you put in a Request on the LR forum for a toggle feature/setting with line by line dual subtitles within the side view LR has.

You can also send them an email or put in a feature request through the bug report feature through the extension:

Emailing them: languagelearningextension [at] gmail [dot] com

(Replace bracketed text with their corresponding characters and remove extra spaces.)

Or suggesting a feature the but through their extension in the settings gear (:gear:) by selecting “Feature Request” after “Report bug”:

I hope something in here helps!

P.S. Possibly similar posts/requests/ideas:

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Hi Joan,
Thanks a lot for this info. It is really helpful.
I will make a request then.
Thanks again, and all the best,

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