Import vocabulary

I don’t know how to do import my vocabulary into language reactor.

I’m a user of lingq and i already have a list of words already learning with different levels. i don’t want to start this process all over again for every word in language reactor too.

I know there has been a request for this feature before but i want to know if it’s been implemented yet or at least in works?

Hi @naveenmalla,

Currently, there is no feature (as far as I can search in the Forum and Help page) for importing vocabulary lists.

I did have an idea that you may be able to paste a copy of your TL list into the Reader/Text tool and manually save the words by marking each word or using the :star: next to each phrase (for saving word contexts):

The downsides to this are that:

  1. It’s tedious to star/save (:star: ) each phrase/mark each word you want to save.
  2. The text function uses machine translation (and there is no way to edit their translations to fit the contexts you want, especially with the ease of LingQ’s system when creating/saving definitions).

Additional Note: According to the note on the Reader/Text Tool:

:point_right: You can import a webpage into Language Reactor from the right-click menu. (Show more)

  • Right-Click → scroll to “Read in Language Reactor.”

So maybe importing the text will help, but you will still run into the above problems.

Sadly, I know it’s not ideal, but I hope something in here helps!

P.S. Please ignore the small “box” with the green light bulb and G logo (in the pictures, I have an extension called “Grammarly,” so it shows up there). It’s not part of the Reader/Text tool experience or Language Reactor. :sweat_smile: