As we can export words to PRINT, EXCEL, ANKI, CSV, JSON, it would be great to be able to IMPORT our own words.
For example, I have a big list of words that I’ve learned using ANKI, and I have to do double work importing each word individually instead of just using a list and clicking import words to LR.


Hello, anyone in there? Such a great idea; Phrasepump. It could be more efficient and useful for us with an import feature. I also would like to import my own word list and study it via Phrasepump.
Please consider it.
Thank you.
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This would be great and reduce the manual work in adding new words and phrases through LR’s Text/Reader Tool!

Here is a rough example of how this might look that I put together:

Import Words or Phrases Button Idea:

Import Words or Phrases Menu Idea:

Edit: A more simple version of this idea would be the Export button showing a popup with an Upload button below a notice of the types of formats LR can import for saved word/phrase lists.

Example Notice:

Compatible with .CSV , Excel, ANKI, and JSON files.

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This would be so useful. I have known word lists from my previous use of flashcards. It’s sad that this feature is not even on the roadmap 7 months later.

In fact, how do we interpret the official roadmap?

The post title promises continuous updates but the date last modified is not shown, the creation date is early 2020 and the last reply in the thread is over a year old. Hast the roadmap moved somewhere else?

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I hear you!

I put in an official request about the roadmap recently:

I hope they see it soon!

I know this is an old topic but I’ve just been searching for this feature, it would be very useful - I have a ton of known words elsewhere and I basically can’t use them here :frowning:

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