Flashcards for Phrases

Hi Devs,
Love the software! Just installed it today after hearing about it from a friend. Is it possible to learn the phrases (not words) as Flashcards?
Right now I am manually exporting it into a CSV file and uploading every few days into my Quizlet deck.
If this also gets integrated, it would be one step less to learn the language faster.

Yes, if you save phrases/sentences as you learn.

You do this by staring them (:star:):

They’ll eventually show up in your PhrasePump:

Hi Joan,

So to use them as flashcards, you still have to manually export it and upload on Anki / Quizlet or can it be done inbuilt as Phrasepump?

Hi @bharatingermany,

PhrasePump and a flashcard system are the same in LR.

They merged them a while back:

If you want the cards to look different from/behave differently than the ones in PhrasePump, then yes you would have to:

And make your desired changes/customizations.

Thank you Joan. You have been extremely helpful!

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