Reverse Flashcard Training --- PhrasePump

Is it possible to practice saved words or phrases from native to, for example, English? The quiz isn´t good for it.

Hi @Tamara3,

They just have the study options available in the settings of PhrasePump:

If you want to do something like that, I’d recommend creating some Anki cards or using LingQ or maybe memrise.

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I think what you want is a different kind of quiz? Can you explain a bit more, or make a little drawing? :slight_smile:

Yes, a different kind of quiz. Something like practice, but switch the language. For example, now I learn English, but in practice, I only translate from English to my native language. But I want to practice translating the sentences from my native language into English. In the quiz, there is this option, but I see part of the sentence or only the learning word is missing. For me, it is better if all part of sentences can I try to translated.

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Like your native language is shown first and then the language your learning is blurred out (for the whole sentence) or something?

Then you guess what it might be and reveal/unblur the answer when your ready to check?

Yes, this is what I mean.

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I would also love this! Generally, it’s harder to go from your native language to the language that you’re learning. So it would be great practice to be able to reverse everything — for instance, I’m learning German and am a native English speaker, so I would love to have words/sentences given to me in English and be asked to translate them to German. That’s much more challenging for me.

For the LR Devs,

I recommend a toggle on/selectable option for a feature like this.

I’m not a fan of reverse card training. It makes me rely on my native language first to understand another language, which I don’t personally care for.

@Tamara3 and @Justine_Rogers,

I just remembered that LR does have a version of this “Reverse Training” type.

They have cards that test you on what goes in the blank and they provide you with the translation (whatever your native or most fluent language is — your UI language).

It just takes a while to appear in PhrasePump. If I can find some screenshots, I’ll come back and edit this reply and add them.

Screenshots of Quiz Cards:

Note: I’m learning Korean and I’m a native English speaker.

Ah amazing! It would still be great to have the whole sentences in English, but that’s certainly still better than nothing. Thanks for the message :slight_smile:

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As a side note, I’m not sure how options appear if you only save (:star:) sentences/phrases with LR, but you might get more options like the third image I provided:

I started learning with LR by marking words, so that’s why I get a mix of the other two screenshots in my quiz section:

So maybe only savings sentences and phrases with LR may be the way you want to go to get more of a “whole sentence/phrase” experience your going for (at least for now).

And I’m glad my initial message was of help to you! :blush:

Happy learning! :grin:

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Yes, I know about this option. However, there are only about 5 - 7 sentences in the entire quiz. For me, it would be preferable if, in part, in practice, I could choose whether to learn my native language to a foreign language or switch from a foreign language to a native language (from my saved word). Maybe one day it will be something like this :slight_smile: