Improve Paypal payment


I want to buy a 3 months subscribe but I can’t use my Paypal account like I do with other site because you only offer the paypal payment which is linked to a card, you do not offer the possibility of paying with Paypal by choosing the supply source which is not linked directly to a card.

Could you try to add all payment options for paypal ?

Thank you

got the same problem. it said can pay by paypal.

Yes, it is very disturbing, in addition to that they are losing money because I am sure that we are not the first to want this payment option.

I looked for an alternative, you should try to use a disposable virtual bank card


I paid with PayPal closer to the end of Jun and I have it linked to a banking account, so I think maybe the issue was fixed?

Just wanted to pop this in here if that was the case.