Not able to pay for Premium subscription

I am trying to subscribe to premium feature of language reactor.
I entered the card details. But the bank website’s popup is not loading properly.

Hmm, try a different internet/wifi connection? Which country are you in? :slight_smile:

Hi David ,
Thanks for your reply. I am from India. I am really disappointed that LR don’t accept various modes of payment such as upi , netbanking .
Having said that , I did try different cards to make the payment. But then , looks like you don’t accept debit cards also. Probably only credit cards.
I tried with a Credit card , still the transactions failed.

Now that I have arranged a card that I think may work on this platform , the payment page itself is failing for me. I debugged in inspect mode , it says the user email has been blacklisted.

You guys have developed an amazing tool. However I regret its poorly designed payment system. If you want customers to pay you , please make it easy for them .
Let me know if you can help me with this.

Mayank Motwani