Language Reactor is currently not working.

Just like yesterday, I’m getting the error message:
Language Reactor has detected an error has occured. The developers have been notified. Try reloading the page, or else try again in 24hrs. Sorry for the inconvenience. Error message: Failed to retrieve linguistic data. Lang: ja, source: NETFLIX tt_key: NF.1.60023642.ja.ja.caoNAjcrVhFbjp2WYfQxIzJvaS4=

This happened all day yesterday, as well as some others on this forum, it was fine this morning, but now the issue is back and I have no idea how long it will last for. Is there any way for the devs to communicate anything with us? Like a Twitter account or discord that will be updated when these issues take place?

Also, if any of the devs are feeling generous, I’m curious as to why this issue even has to happen. More specifically, why don’t I have access to the words I’ve saved and what colour tag they have applied to them? Couldn’t all of this information be stored locally on my PC somehow? (I do understand that the issue is more complicated than my question may suggest)


it is happening with me also. I live in South America.

This is so frustrating! it is happening with me too.

Sorry guys, our load balancer (main gateway server) has been having issues recently, trying to get on top of it. Once the big update is online, shouldn’t be an issue any longer. Should be functioning normally now.


Interesting, thanks for the update.

Seems like happening again…:worried:


Same here. Error loading items.

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It is not working again