Phrase Pump Malfunctioning

Phrase Pump has stopped functioning. There is no longer any audio, and regardless of language, each card generates the error message “Network error, please check your WiFi. Load audio failed.” This happens regardless of network or wifi I am connected to.

  • Please provide a link Language Reactor

  • Please let us know from which country you are having the bug : United States

  • If relevant, please let us know what are the configuration of languages you try to have : Not relevant

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I have the same here in Finland I study Spanish and Finnish.
Same problem (no audio, network error).
Please help

Bro Dean, I noticed now the malfunction happens with “Suggestion” and “Practice” but not with " quiz".
So I temporarily chose just " Quiz", waiting for other feature malfunctions to be solved

I have the same problem with the Finnish language.

For me the problem persists in all functions including quiz. No audio, and very very long lag times.

Same problem in the UK. Quiz is okay but others long lag and then audio download error. Phrasepump is basically unusable

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It started working properly again for me from today.

Hi, No audio from dictionary or flash cards. In the US using Japanese.

Hey. Is it still an issue? :confused:

Seems to be working fine now. Thanks!