Please fix this issue with Hiragana/Romaji

Im an intermediate Japanese Learner.
In the “Show transliteration” option I choose “No transliteration” to hide Romaji or Hiragana because I want to guess the reading of a Kanji when reading the subtitle.
When I cannot guess the reading of a kanji in the subtitles, I hover the mouse over it to show the Mini Dictionary. Unfortunately the Mini Dictionary shows only the translation of the Kanji in English but NOT the reading in Hiragana or Romaji, I have to click on the Kanji to show the full dictionary in order to see the reading in Hiragana or Romaji which is less convenient.
In the Mini Dictionary, Could you please, In addition to the meaning of the Kanji in English, show Hiragana or Romaji reading as well?
Thank you in advance