Question regarding subscription

It put me in a free trial but when does this free trial end? How much can I expect to pay and will it ask me for payment details when the free trial ends? Or automatically charge via my google account?

I would really appericiate an answer to this if possible?

Hi, I think the trial lasts for 7 days and then you will have to pay something like $5USD/month

Can you pay yearly at all?

Also does one subscription cover both the youtube and the netflix extension?

I noticed since subscribing it covers both the youtube and netflix app as one subscription, will this still be the case when the youtube app comes out of BETA? @A_Zhivago ? @David_Wilkinson ?

Hi, does anyone have an update on my question regarding subscription please?

Hi, is there any updates to my question please?

Hi. Sorry for late reply. Free trial is one week, if you want to use ‘Pro’ mode after the trial ends, you can enter payment details then (otherwise you won’t be charged). You can use free mode also. Only monthly payment currently. One payment enables all features on both extensions, no plans to change this (in fact we might merge the extensions sometime).


Many thanks that is useful information