How much is the pro version and format export


I’m on a free trial and couldn’t find anymore information on the price.
I wondered how much the pro version was.

What are the pro version features?
How do we use the JSON format export?
How do we use the csv format export for Asian languages (Chinese)?

The CSV export I tried shows this:

Could we print out the version of all the subtitles with our highlights or the favorite sentences have a star next to it so we can check them out faster?

Could we have the timing on the print and also in the csv export so we can watch the highlighted subs easily?

Hello :slight_smile:
Pro mode is about $5/mo, depending on your currency. It gives you machine translations on Netflix, saving words (that can be exported). And soon, hopefully more features.

Exporting and print mode needs some more work, we also want write a user guide for these features. Your suggestions are good, we will probably implement them soon.