Machine Translations are paid now?

It’s really sad because I just emailed the team a week or so ago about how happy I was for the machine translations allowing me to watch an unsubtilted show and how I was hoping the feature wouldn’t go away anytime soon. Now today I wake up to see I had to buy Pro for it, I don’t know how long this was being planned to be turned into a pro feature but it’s just a shame because I feel like I shouldn’t have said thank you for it at all :confused:

I understand pro isn’t that expensive but as a student it’s kind of tough that’s all. Still a good feature but I don’t know why it has to be paid since the machine translations aren’t even 100% accurate all the time and usually are wrong.

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How sad that you wasted that thank you :laughing:
I don’t know how it’s implemented, but machine translation costs money to do, so it’s probably not sustainable to offer it for free. For instance if you use the Deepl or Google API you need to pay for it.

I think we should support the developers so that they have more incentives to further improve and introduce new features . Also $5 is not much

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I’m sorry you were so disappointed :frowning: As far as I remember, machine translation was never free, and could not be, because it’s extremely expensive. Was there anything specific that made you think it was free, like the wording on the website or something? This is a pretty unfortunate misunderstanding.


I never remembered them to be free!?

I think that you had a free trial off pro that expired. The quality off machine translated subs can be very varied depending on languages. For example Swedish work really well since it very often has pronounces (i, you, she , it) and isn’t very context heavy. However languages such as Japanese are almost impossible for a machine to get right since it very often does not use pronouns since it can be figured out by context.


huh it would be nice if they made it clear it was a free trial, there’s no indication of it from what i saw

You’re right, it’s not clearly expressed in a “membership” page on . We will add this, thanks for your remark and happy learning :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree. I’m making the most of it during my free trial.