Urgent-How Do I cancel the "Show machine translation", "pro setting".

Urgent–Hello, I am the user of LLN. I use your application in laptop. Until now, I used well. However, I pressed the button, “Show machine translation” wrongly in setting in LLN today, So a mesaage came out. That was "You can use free in 1 week, but you have to pay the $1635.(honestly, I couldn’t remember the money well.) I don’t want to pay for that. So I want to cancel that. How could I do that? Could you let me know? I just toggled out now. and What should I do? I really want to cancel that. Could you tell me the solution? Is it the way just toggle out and sign out on show machine translation? Please reply rapidly to connect me.

Hi, LLN developer here. No worries, the trial is completely free, there is no automatic payment afterwards. Unless you subscribe manually after the trial. PS. the price shown was 1635 in what currency? :o It should be around $5 - 7 / month in USD, depending on your country.

Thank you so much. and could I ask how do I subscribe manually after trial?