Searching for subtitled videos

Is there any way on YouTube to search for videos that have human provided subtitles for the language you are learning. So for example, if I am learning Italian, is there a way to search for Italian videos that have human provided Italian subtitles? I find this is the best way for me to learn at the moment.

When you search, look for the little maginfying glass with CC next to it. This will return videos with subtitles, which are then marked in the results. They aren’t all human translated, but you’ll get more results with the cc button than just a normal search.

Hi, if the youtube videos doesnt provide Subtitles (CC), does it mean that the language reactor wont work at all ? (eventhough using the PRO version of LR?)
Please help, thanks !

On this site, you can search for videos with subtitles. It seems there are only popular videos.

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Yes, you are correct.

If the YouTube Video has no CC/subtitles, then the LR extension can’t display subtitles for you to learn from, even if you have pro.

There is the Video File Tool, but that requires downloading the YouTube video and finding and downloading/creating your own SRT file in your target language, which is a lot of manual work.