Slow down reading text

I don’t know how to slow down while TTS reads my text.
I put my text and it reads too fast. I can’t change it to slower option.

I am sure I checked on all the tabs of the documentation that can be found here : Language Reactor.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Debek,

I have been working with this in LRs text tool recently—and as far as I can tell—there’s no way to slow the TTS down—not there unless there is some shortcut I am missing out on somewhere.

I found this request related to the speed of TTS/the read mode/text tool. Here’s the link, if you want to check it out and put in your voice about the request:

Other similar requests:

I also found this old topic post/thread (March '21) related to Reader mode, but I’m unsure where they are currently on the TTS. (I’ll update if I figure anything else out.):

I would also be interested in speed adjustment for LR’s text mode.

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What do you think about something like that?

My German language teacher told me to let go of learning when reading aloud like this.

I think this should be fixed. google translator or deepl and other portals read slower.

Perhaps there should be something else instead of TTS.

This extension allows the voice to be slowed down inside the Chrome browser. The downside is that it only works on web pages with highlightable text, so you can’t say, highlight text in LR’s read mode and have it read to you:

I’m going to use this to get some listening practice with text on web pages that don’t have audio provided for accessibility until LR can give a reader dial (see above link in my other reply)/audio speed selector in the text/read mode—rather than relying on the LR reader for sentence audio.

P.S. Only allows for 5 minutes of free daily listening with what they call “premium” voices :melting_face: But, they have free voices available that don’t seem to have a time limit.

P.P.S. Similar to the voices in LR’s text mode, voices used in the Microsoft Edge browser sound better (than in Google Chrome) with this extension.

Update @Debek & @Daniel_M1: They gave us a way to slow the text down! :heart_eyes:

Edit: It looks like it works site-wide on mobile and in the browser!! So far, I have tried it on the Text/Reader mode (on the computer) and on Phrasepump (on mobile), and both the TTS and the Original captured Audio slow down with this function :smiley:

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That is great. It’s working for me as well, including in Turtle Tube. It’s enough for most of all cases, easy to use and very helpful. It takes effect with the next sentence which is probably more elegant that way than adjusting speed in the middle of words.

Just that there are quite a few videos I would like to watch at even less than 0.75x. A lot of material on Youtube is spoken at 120%+ to begin with - presumably to cater to young people with attention deficits - so those only get to about normal after a 25% speed reduction, but not yet ideal for foreign language content.

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I agree! For videos it would definitely need to be slower in some instances.

And for maybe a few instances where fast original audio sentences are captured from some videos as well!