Stock learning another language

I have more than 5 years learning English but I feel stock with some words, I can understand like 80 percent but when I trying to explain myself is the challenge, I read most of the time English books also, but what you guys recommend me to do to have more improvements speaking with a native English without struggling in some conversations …….I try to speak more as posible always my conversation turns so basic I feel that. I am Spanish speaker and I have a lot event coming and I need to be a professional English speaker

Language Reactor “might” be able to help a lot, Ismary.

The more you watch subtitled videos, the more comfortable you should get with the language (but you do have to watch a lot of videos).

Once you understand the words’ meaning, you can then use LanguageReactor’s export button to open the English subtitles in a new tab, and practice “shadowing” (ie. saying the words with the same rhythm and speed as the native speaker). In theory, repeating the dialogue will make those phrases come easier to your mouth when you are having real conversations.

As you get more comfortable, look for more difficult videos, where native speakers are having conversations with each other at “full speed”.

For me, the goal is to understand comedians. They speak fast, and helping understand their humour helps me also be a bit funny. Plus it makes learning the language more fun :grin:

Just as an example, here’s a comedian making jokes, with pretty accurate, human-created, subtitles. (the Horse in the Hospital refers to the previous US president, Donald Trump)

If you can’t understand everything, you can change the captions to auto-translate to Spanish, and then export them with the Human Translation, which may give you a better understanding.

By the way, I think you intended to write “Stuck learning another language”.
(Stuck = glued…or, your car is in mud and your wheels are not moving you forward)

Thanks is it is helpfully

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