Lanuage Help seems to focus on English instead of the language I am learning

When I pick Spanish as my learning language and using English subtitles: I have two problems.

  1. First - The subtitle words on the screen that I can hover over are only the English words not the Spanish translations. So then it pops up with the possible Spanish words associated with the English word. But I want to hover over the Spanish words and see the English translations. Many words on the screen do not line up word for word, so I am lost on which Spanish word means what in English.

  2. Second - If I then click on the same translation I hovered over, it expands to one with various dictionary type words that could apply in Spanish. but the speaker symbol only speaks the words in English. Of course this is useless, because I am already an English speaker. I would want the system to speak the word in Spanish.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: