The LR Chrome extension currently breaks YouTube Music?

Windows10 Pro / Chrome Browser

After pressing the play button in YT Music, if you move the mouse at all, the song/album stops playing and the artwork flickers. Disabling the extension fixes the problem.

Hello , could you please send a link to a music that you have the problem ? I’m trying to reproduce the bug here. Thanks !

Any song/album.

You mean that it isn’t broken when you load TYMusic?

Maybe it’s a combination of extensions, perhaps?

For me, I have no problem here (and other musics): YouTube Music

But it doesn’t mean their is no problem from our extension for your Youtube Music. To be sure, you are using right ?

Yes. OK, I’ll see if I can find out if another extension is contributing to the problem.

Hey @Neb , how is it going ? Is it working fine now ?

Hi, sorry, been busy.

I just went through all my extensions just now, and found that YTMusic doesn’t work properly when both Language Reactor and Looper For YouTube are both enabled.

I use it sometimes for looping parts of language videos and for learning guitar parts. The main YouTube site works ok - there’s just something about the YTMusic site which breaks. The Looper for YT settings page does state that it may be incompatible with other extensions which have a similar feature.