The translation language is missing for two days!

The translation language is not visible for two days, only at the end of the video all the translations appear together, how to fix this?


experiencing the exact same. hoping to find a solution myself

Hi. Yes, I can confirm I’m seeing this too. It seems like a bug in Youtube, without the extension installed I’m seeing this behaviour when I select a machine translation of a subtitle track.

Let’s give them a few days, a week, see if they fix it. If it goes on for more than that, we can use our own servers for translation or figure something else out. Sorry. :frowning:

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For me, there is no problem with youtube’s machine translation, only with this extension. I checked other “similar” extensions. They somehow work. Can you please have a look at it again?


can you check this video?
I’ve heard that this problem is general. i want to confirm this.

yes it does not work.


ASR track is ok, the Youtube machine translations of these have timing info messed up, no good. Double-checked on the Android Youtube app, machine translations of captions not working right there either. :frowning:

LR can use other non-machine translation tracks as the translation track, if the video has them… TED talks etc… most videos don’t.

Our translation servers aren’t in the best state just now, I need to do some work there, it would take a few weeks of work. Me and Og are finishing some long-overdue maintence on the extension currently. Kinda hoping Youtube fix it. :confused: