YouTube Extension's translation not avaliable from yesterday


Hi everyone. I realized the translation didn’t work as expected from yesterday. The dual-language subtitles only show the original one; when I hover the subtitle on the sidebar, the translation shows not available. My strategy is English to Chinese, BTW.

I love this extension and highly rely on it. So any update or reason explanation will be highly appreciated.


Hope anyone could reply to this? Coz this happened repeatedly and sometimes pop a problem notification on the top of the YouTube page.

Hello, thanks for reaching out. Can you tell us :

  • in which country you are
  • a link to the video
  • a screenshot of the settings of language reactor ?

Muchas gracias !

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

First of all, your work on this extension is highly appreciated, it’s brilliant and beneficial to me.

The “unavailable” sometimes disappears after I wait for tens of seconds or log out/log in. I will update here if I figure out a more specific reason for this.

I’m here in China, and when it happens, it happens to every youtube video I open, and here’s my setting: