User dictionary on Text

If possible , I would really like to use my saved dictionaries when using the text reading option.

Hi @J_G,

Every text (including the reader) has the ability to access user dictionaries from the full dictionary:

Note: These are images on the saved items in the mobile version, but it works the same with text/reader mode on the website and even PhrasePump.

Users can add “User dictionaries” (ex. U1, U2, U3, etc.) by going to their settings menu on the website, on the mobile version, and on the extension.

Each dictionary you want to use has to be added separately in the respective (of the three I listed previously: settings menu on the website, on the mobile version, and on the extension) method of accessing/using LR.

I hope this helps!

P. S. I included a bit more info for the benefit of other users who may find this in the future and benefit from the extra info.

Hi, thanks for the answer, but on my end it looks like this and it only shows the default dictionaries when I’m using reader mode.

On the other hand when I’m on YouTube or Netflix I can see all my saved dictionaries

Any idea on how I can change this?

That’s a great example of how the user dictionaries are separated for all three versions I listed ( website, mobile version, and the LR extension):

You can add the dictionaries to the LR website settings gear (:gear:) by clicking on settings on the LR website and scrolling to user dictionary URLs:

Note: Image of the website version of LR.

P.S. Thanks for including pics in your reply! it’ll help users understand this confusing idea of manually adding user dictionaries for each version of LR. :slightly_smiling_face:

Additional Edit: You also have to do this for each additional browser you use LR in, btw! I just noticed this today. I use Microsoft Edge (I use the website version only) in addition to Chrome for LR.

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