What do the different colors for words mean?

Do the colors for words have a meaning, or is it up to you to define your own meanings for categorizing words? It seems like this should be spelled out in the docs. If it is, I couldn’t ffind it.

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Hey, it is all depending on you. These 4 categories have color, and free to you to map it to a special meaning

Me too. I failed to find what they meant and am still baffled by them:
Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 3.23.51 PM
I know the purple ones are at least words beyond my level (the level I set in the settings).

It would be nice if the developers could tell us.

Thanks for confirming it. Updating the docs to reflect this would probably help a few like me.

As for me, I use three colors for specific Japanese media types, i.e. Green for YouTube listening practice videos, Red for JDramas, Blue for anime. I use yellow as a catch-all for words I sort of know by sound, but either don’t know or am shaky on the Kanji. But that’s just me. I generally export and then clear the saved items after each video, so I guess it doesn’t really matter much. I use the Excel export and then copy to my own flash card program.