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Hi @claper,

I would try reporting this through other methods.

The forum threads don’t always get a quick response.

Here are other ways to reach out about this problem:

it seems like this issue was fixed for me. please bump this if it still doesn’t work for you. I had reported bug via the plugin settings two days ago. thanks for looking into this team!

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nothing changed for me

yea just verified today, still happening. is there no proposed fix for this planned? I’ve also set a bug report… if this continues I will sadly have to uninstall and cancel subscription.

happening to me as well. i pay for pro as well. I may cancel my subscription if this bug persists. i thought it was my add blockers but turns out it was language reactor. please fix this soon!!

it’s still going on til this day. a simple CSS edit in the browser Inspector removes this problem. I’m not sure why it’s so complicated to fix on their end.

Hi, sorry about the issue, please check if fixed now. Couldn’t replicate this (tried Mac, Windows, Ubuntu), so I made several blind changes that might fix some of the potential issues. Also please try disabling all other extensions, in case another extension (or a combination of extensions) might be causing this. Can also share the CSS that you used to fix the issue @reydev . Thanks