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hello language reactor team and others. I am experiencing a bug I’ve seen some others described as well. I am in Korea and using the Korean translation. this glitch is happening on all youtube videos. I have concluded that it was this extension by testing all of mine out. It seems to have extra pixels it is reading on its side. this glitch seemed to happen as soon as the new youtube ad block detector came out. if you need anymore information let me know. this glitch is pretty bothersome so please look into it!

Hello @Femi_Allen

First thank you for your report of this bug. As you wrote in your message some users are experiencing a bug about the horizontal bar on YouTube.
This bug was also talked in this subject :

As wrote in the subject, the Dev are aware about it and are into it, but might takes some time to fix it. Youtube changes codes a lot recently

In order to help the Devs, don’t hesitate to give the maximum of informations that you have when you report a bug (using VPN, Which others extensions you have with your Browser, etc…)

Did you try to use an other Browser which support this extensions ?
Have you still the same problem ?

(I’m also learning Korean but I’m using “Brave” as a Browser - which include an ad blocker - and don’t have this problem on YouTube.)

Thanks for your report,


hi! I use a lot of different extensions but I will list them, ad block, ghostly, tweaks for youtube, knowt, ecosia. i use chrome as my browser and the weirdest thing I have discovered is its account specific.

Essentially I have two youtube accounts. One is for learning Korean and one os for regular browsing. I don’t know why that is but the glitch is effecting my Korean one. Im trying to see if there is a difference between accounts but it doesn’t seem so as of now. again this just started happening so I’m very confused myself. i am logged into both accounts on my phone if that is relevant. Im here for the long run so take your time fixing this problem. I am a huge fan of this extension and it has helped me a lot learning Korean so I wont let a single glitch stop me from being a user :). i can attempt to use other browser and see if that helps the issue.


ok i downloaded brave and yep. same thing. one account is fine and another has the scrolling bar. Im not a dev or know anything about code but this feels very strange and unexplainable. :rofl:


Hi @Femi_Allen,

A fellow Korean learner over here! :grin:

Just popping for a quick question, does this happen when all your extensions are disabled (except LR’s)?

Or are all the extensions enabled/specific extensions enabled (with LR) when the bar appears?

Sorry if I missed something that you already mentioned!

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Thank you for all this informations !

@oaprograms Hi Dev. Even if you’re not often on this forum, here is an user who might helps you with all the informations that he shared.

(I think it was already reported a lot, but in this case he gave a lots of details for you).

Thank you all.


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yes! I did state this but i wasn’t clear so no issue. I disabled all of my extensions and concluded it was from this one

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awesome! it seems he is dm-able so I will message him!

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