20% discount until 31st December

Next sale will probably be next Christmas…
Pro users who want to move to 3-month subscription (with discount), you can email Hofit (dioco@dioco.io). :wink:

Hello is the 3month subscription paid every 3 months or the subscription is only for 3 months.

It is a 3-month subscription paid every 3 months.

That discount is a good thing to attract new customers or for people who are short on cash (prices are higher on so many things those days), a great gesture thanks,
but I won’t take the offer myself, no fucking way I’m paying you less, you Turtles are doing God’s work, I talk about your LR each time anyone mentions language learning to me… hell, I would have done something similar myself if I had the skills and resources, but heh, I don’t x’3
Gigachad speed mah bois! :3

PS: I like the new idea for frequency and the bold or not use of it… Phrase pump is getting pretty neat (thanks again for it to be used on smartphones as I can’t exactly sit home on my computer when I’m at work and can wip out my phone during breaks to rehearse a bit :slight_smile:
Oh… and the explanation for the use of the update is quite useful, thank you :slight_smile: