About the "lanuage level" feature

Hello, firstly thanks to the devs for the great tool! Probably the most underrated feature for me is the word categoriization by difficulty, it works great on netflix but there doesnt seem to be a way to get it on imported video and srt or texts. If there is a method to get it on there please inform me, or maybe suggest other sites than have similiar functionality.
Thanks in advance!


I’d recommend the Migaku browser ad-on. It does everything LR does, but its a little more polished.
Also its important to distinguish the difficulty of words and frequency. LR categorizes words by frequency not difficulty, this is what Migaku does as well. You are able to choose a frequency list and when you export to Anki it rates words on a 5 star rating bases; 5 stars being a much more frequently appearing word over a 1 star word.

Like LR, it does cost, but it is about the same price.