Alternate Browser ETA?

Greetings! First post, and apologies if this has, most likely, been asked before, but I couldn’t find a clear answer in search, and I could not find the FAQ that people keep referring to. (I found an FAQ page that read more like community guidelines than frequently asked questions, and it had no information about this topic. By the by, if anyone has the direct link to the FAQ that is not just the community guidelines, please kindly link it for me.)

I’ve checked in with Language Reactor’s front page for several months and still only see “coming soon” for availability on other browsers. Is there any educated guess on when they might come? I’ve just gotten a new computer and am greatly disinclined to load Chrome onto it, especially as this extension would be the only reason for doing so.

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You can use the extension with Edge too :wink:

In fact I prefer using LLN with Edge because it’s the only browser where you can watch your movies and shows on HD.


That doesn’t answer my question. In fact, it raises another.

The extension version for Microsoft Edge is also shown as “coming soon.” How are you able to use it if it’s not available?

I don’t know why they say that because I’ve been using LR with Edge for months ago just because Netflix quality is so much better than other browsers. I think they meant the non-chromium version of Edge but now Edge is based on Chrome, so… Just install Chrome version and that’s it. :wink:

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Data mining, usage, and sales have been issues for a long time, but as they become more of a concern to the public, people are looking for more secure ways to browse the internet and steam videos.

Your personal preferences still do not answer my question. When might we expect to have this extension for other browsers?

(Also, you don’t have to wink so much. I’m not looking for a “friend.”)

Would still love an ETA on this from a developer or someone who knows their schedule. Even a general estimate around what quarter…

You don’t seem to be reading other users’ replies, and just repeat the same questions.
I thought about just treating you as a troll and ignore this thread, but hey, perhaps I’ll give it one more try.
As of January 2020, Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, just like Google Chrome. It supports chrome extensions. LLN/LR extension works in Edge perfectly fine.
The installation instruction is the same as chrome. Just open edge, go to chrome web store, search for language reactor, and that’s it!
While I use chrome for everything except for netflix with language reactor on my 3rd monitor, a 4k TV.
Netflix supports higher resolution in edge, so for that one very specific purpose, I would use edge.
Happy netflixing …not winking

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Thank you for not using this thread to hit on me or assuming, for whatever your reason, that I’m a “troll,” as I can read other replies just fine and see that the person relying seems to be making great effort to answer a completely different question than the one asked.

The Language Reactor front page still shows both Firefox and Edge as “Coming Soon.” If Edge is available, the front page needs to be updated.

Microsoft Edge is a Windows product. It’s not going to do much good for those of us whose operating systems don’t run it.

My question has yet to be answered: Is there an ETA for other browsers (or more specifically Firefox, since the front page is apparently wrong)? Yes or no, and if yes, when?

I’ve been asking for a Firefox ETA since LLWN went live. In Feb 2020 they told me it would be in August of that year. Ive asked every few months since then and have been promptly snubbed and ignored. I really dont get the hold up or the lack of desire to communicate whats taking so long.


Still nothing, and whats worse is the radio silence from the devs. If its not happening then just say that so we can move on.

No mention of Safari either. I hate having to use Chrome just for Netflix.

Anyway, it is bizarre no dev has been able to find a spare 30 seconds to respond to these questions. One can only assume devs have actively decided to ignore this question.

Surely one of you can say ‘It’s on the roadmap but we don’t have a timescale’?

Would also be interested in knowing if the devs are still working on the Firefox version. This extension is literally the only thing I still use Chrome for.

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