Language reactor add-on in Edge legit?

Language Reactor - Microsoft Edge Addons

On the LR website it says Edge addon is comming soon.
However there is already an addon called Language reactor to download. Comming from a third-party I guess?

If a friend downloaded this: Should I advise them to download the extension from Chrome web store instead?

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Hi @rocksolid,

Thanks for including the link. That add-on version is not language reactors extension.

I have LR’s extension on my Microsoft Edge Browser via the Chrome store. I’m not sure how exactly it works (and I haven’t used it with YouTube or netflix), I was just prompted to add it when I downloaded Microsoft Edge, since I had it on my Chrome browser already.

Here’s a screenshot:

Edit: Link to the legit LR extension that was connected to my Microsoft Edge add-on: Language Reactor - Chrome Web Store (

My guess is that because Microsoft Edge is “built upon Chromium” that it can do this.

If your friend wants the legit LR experience they need to stick to the Chrome Web Store for that.

I hope this helps!

P.S. The official developer listed for the add-on is Disco.