asbplayer support

asbplayer is an extension that allows you to add your own subtitles to embedded video elements. For example, the popular Anime site Crunchyroll does not support native Japanese subtitles, with the asbplayer extension, you can drag and drop your desired subtitles that you would like to use with that particular video. Currently the LR extension is not aware of the subtitles displayed through the asbplayer extension. asbplayer also has a built in video player for videos you have on your local computer and again you can drag/drop your desired subtitles - for more info please see: GitHub - killergerbah/asbplayer: Browser-based media player and Chrome extension for subtitle sentence mining

This potentially extends the usable websits for LR substantially as asbplayer supports a wide array of html and other forms of embedded video players.

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Side-loading subtitles (hoping I used the right term there) would be great for LR language learners!

If LR devs could integrate this with the LR extension and allow for learners to use their own subtitles, while still being able to save them, that would be a game changer.

Maybe the LR devs could use this to improve upon the Video File feature, too?

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