Feature Request: Import external subtitle file

Would LLN support external subtitle file in the future? Because sometimes there’s no target language available and also machine translation is not ideal. There’s lots of subtitle group at least in China are doing good-quality translation and share subtitles for free.

And considering the potential time sync problems with the external title, a adjust function may also needed.


Where are you finding Chinese subtitle files (and media)? That sounds useful.

The authors of this extension previously had another that was for normal movie and subtitle files. Don’t recall the name but you can find it with some google-fu.

These are the most common ones I think:

Please notice, this subtitle sharing is kind of in the gray area regarding law because of right of translation. Use with cautious.

Hey, the idea is interesting. Could you help me understand the use case? It’s for movies on Netflix that don’t have Chinese subtitles? Is it common to watch Netflix in China, I thought it was blocked? I know there are ways to watch Netflix in China, but, maybe not easy. Or, viewers in Taiwan? My thoughts that Netflix is quite aware of which countries are watching their shows, and creates translations in those languages.

  1. Netflix in China
    Although many websites are blocked in China, as you mentioned, people still get their ways to do what they want, e.g., via VPNs. For me, I’m currently in Europe, so not a problem. :slight_smile:

  2. Chinese subtitle availability
    I do find many series/movies that do not provide simplified Chinese (used in mainland China) and traditional Chinese (used in Taiwan / HK / Macau). The Big Bang Theory is an example, which is also the case where machine translation does not perform well due to lots of terminologies and American slangs. Many new shows and movies have the support as far as I can see.



I’m having the same problem, living currently in Japan and trying to use the extension to help me learn the language. In Netflix Japan’s library, pretty much no content that’s originally in Japanese has subtitles in English, so it’d be awesome if we were able to load any of the readily available external subtitles in English into a LanguageLearningWithNetflix session.

Let me know if you guys need beta testers! \o/

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