NetflixSubLoader: Import external subtitles

First of all, I want to thank the devs here for creating this great extension. It’s helped me a lot in learning. This post isn’t meant to detract from the wonderful work they’ve done, but to add onto it.

One thing that’s always frustrated me as that Netflix Japan has a lot of anime, but the majority of titles have no EN subs. This means it’s impossible to watch with EN and JP subs at the same time. Wouldn’t it be great if it were possible to upload EN subs? Well now you can!

Introducing NetflixSubLoader. This script is meant to work with LLN to upload subtitles for your native language. I don’t recommend uploading for the language you wish to learn, because it lacks a dictionary and all the other awesome features from LLN. LLN is required for this script to work. I haven’t tested this with languages besides EN, but it should work with others. Also, at the moment only WEBVTT format is supported. I’m working hard to add more formats.

Head over here to download the script, and view more instructions:

To the devs, I hope this doesn’t violate any forum rules. I’m happy to help integrate these features into LLN for free. Also, it’s open source so feel free to integrate yourself.


Okay, I just made an account only to thank you.
This is amazing!!

Aside from the intended way to use it that you’ve already mentioned (which is already super neat!), it’s great for TL subs as well.
I was looking for a way to make custom subtitles on Netflix selectable for dictionary purposes
(Since unfortunately, LNN isn’t compatible with custom subtitles on its own. And my regional Netflix often doesn’t have target language subs).

And it works perfectly!! Finally lol, I was looking forever for an extension that can do that. But I could only ever find ones that either allow custom subtitles, or make subtitles selectable.

The alignment feature is also probably the most usable one I’ve ever seen, makes so much sense to just compare the custom subtitles to the ones in a different language that are already synced. So much easier than trying to match them to what’s being said in the video.

The only thing that’d make this even better is if srt files were supported so you don’t have to convert them first, but that’s not that big of a deal.

Thanks so much!!


Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad it was helpful. I basically just put in the features that I myself wanted to use :grin:

I just posted an update with support for srt files and some bug fixes, hope that helps.


Awesome, thanks!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Hey, would it be possible to make the uploaded subtitle work like a TL language subtitle file as well, so that you can see it in the sidebar of LLN and use all of the other features? This is already a really good idea and works pretty well, but for a lot of dubbed shows languages, such as spanish, for example, the TL subtitles in spanish don’t match the dub ever, and I would like to transcribe them accurately in custom subtitle files to help others out, but it would be much more useful if the custom subtitle file could be used like any of the default ones that netflix offers.

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I posted a question regarding loading external subtitles last Sep but got no reply from the dev. Then I switched to an alternative. Thanks for working on this!

I appreciate the LLWN for their work and hope that they can be more responsive on the bug. Maybe considering recruiting some enthusiastic folks at forum mod?

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I don’t think the devs have add this to the list of considered features, which is a shame, since this is easily the biggest problem for me using LLN.

hello, im not really good with computers idk how to install this script, ive done the steps uve said but i still cant manage to install it. thank you so much for your effort making this extension

It doesn’t seem to be working with Language Reactor, does it?
Any idea on how to upload subtitles in Netflix?

Do you have any plans to update this to work with the current version of Language Reactor? Similar to other users who have posted in this thread, I cannot get the plugin to work. There is never an option to load external subtitles.