Sideload External Subs?

Hi everyone!

I’m new to LLN but I’m already loving it. It has helped me massively with my japanese studies already :slight_smile:
Something that I was wondering though, and I apologies if this is something out of topic or it has been addressed already, but would there be a way to load external subtitles that are not available in netflix? Let me expand my use case:

I’m studying japanese, and to get japanese subs you need to connect to the japanese catalogue most of the times (an example is full metal alchemist brotherhood:, it has jap subs only if you access from the jap catalogue). The issue is on the japanese netflix you get ONLY japanese subs, no english or any other language T___T
It would be super useful if you could side load your own subs to work in parallel to the ones provided by netflix (for instance, in my case I’d love to load subs in english to run underneath the japanese ones, or even viceversa).

There are currently various extensions for chrome that allow you to import your own subs, but they don’t work nicely with LLT :frowning:

Is there any work around people have found? Am I the only one having this issue?
Sorry again if this is has been addressed already :slight_smile: