Uploading your own subtitles

Since there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get both your target language and mother-tongue or second language as dual subtitles for all Netflix titles I had an idea to fix that.

Why not just allow the upload of your own subtitles? Like fan subs or any other kind, as an srt-file?

I tried the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T thing for this, but it just crashed Netflix. Any plans to add compatibility for this in your app?

Edit: I figured out you have to convert the srt to dfxp first, so now it works fine with vanilla Netflix. However it doesn’t work with LLN

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Completely agree with David here, being able to add your own subtitles found on the internet and apply LLN on them would be huge and allow a lot of flexibility. For example, trying to learn arabic with Avatar The Last Airbender, very good dubbing but unfortunatly there is no arabic sub in netflix, so I cannot use LLN.

Like David I added dfxp sub, it works in regular netflix but not with LLN. It would be a great feature. Thanks a lot for LLN, it’s just brilliant.