LLN/LRN is a total mess!

I was using the LLN extension for Chrome, and I checked out the subscription options. The pop-up to subscribe said that the paid version allows the user to upload subtitle files–which could be a great feature because Netflix subtitles and audio for language other than the original don’t match (and by “don’t match”, I mean the wording couldn’t be more different and still have the same essential meaning). Now LLN shows me as subscribed, but I can’t find any way to upload a subtitle file…but that was only the beginning of my problems…

In an effort to find out what’s going on, I went to the LLN website. The home page says it’s “the old version” and directs you to the Language Reactor website…but that doesn’t matter–neither has any information about uploading subtitles. What’s worse, when I went back to the “old” site and tried to log in, I got an error message saying that I don’t have a subscription.

Somehow I eventually was able to log in–but nowhere in the Chrome extension setting for either extension, or on either website, can I now find anything about the promised ability to upload a subtitle file. This thing is a complete mess, and I’m not even going to keep the 10-day free trial. I’m cancelling immediately, because the subscription gives me nothing I need that the free version doesn’t have.

For anyone considering buying a subscription, DON’T. No one should be paying for this thing until it works properly and provides all the features promised on the subscription options page I went through to sign up.

As far as I kwnow you can’t upload your own subtitles to use them with Netflix. You can use “Video File” option in LanguageReactor.com for what you want but you need upload the video too.

Subtitles may not match because probably you are not watching a native content. When TV Shows or Films are dubbed they don’t say the same like the actors because they need match the voice with the lips, so, they need change words and expressions for that.

I pay LR and it’s nice :slight_smile:

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Hi Frank. We think you have confused our extension with the copycat extension that stole our previous name (“Language Learning with Netflix and Youtube”, extension id: bekopgepchoeepdmokgkpkfhegkeohbl). Our new name is “Language Reactor” (extension id: hoombieeljmmljlkjmnheibnpciblicm) and it’s used throughout our software… except the forum, need to update that. The copycat extension offers subtitle uploads for paying users, we don’t offer this function or mention it anywhere. Our software isn’t perfect, we’re just a few guys and trying our best to keep on top of maintence while trying to make new features.

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And if anyone has an idea what to do about this situation, we would be happy to hear :slight_smile:

Subtitle to exel for Mandarin works fine (*after redjusting the colum width to disentangle overlapping text). Exporting to Anki however is something that even after the doubtfull “pleasure” of following the “journey” through the instructions leads to the media collection folder NOT containing the exported file… Perhaps You better stop offering that when it is ready for …mere mortals and muggles…You know, looks bad when all the people throw their computers out of the window;-)
AND; this tool is amazing! In Chinese metaphers play an immense role! As aresult it is often almost impossible to translate word for word, because you need the context of the whole serntence, to know, which of the many meanings of a word applies! having the sentence translation, the chinese characters and he Pinyin transcript together is the game changer that makes learning possible, in the first place! * The Chinese characters are the culprits because of their size! But I changed the font size to 8 and with zooming in, I have access to the whole script of the movie, with time stamps! @,;-:–:-

Thanks to everyone who replied. Some useful information, and some still confusing–in particular, the existence of two different extensions with the same name/former name. There must be links on one website or/and the other, and//or in one extension or/and the other that go to content from the other company, because I kept getting bounced back and forth between the two (not knowing they weren’t affiliated).

Regarding the differences between the dubbing and the subtitles for the dubbed language, there’s no excuse for not using the same script for both. Okay, maybe the dubbing is altered from the translation script to better match the video–but it doesn’t help me learn the language if the script that was actually used for the dubbing isn’t an option I can select in settings. It’s a really cool app, but it doesn’t serve my purpose as-is.

I understand, and thanks for explaining why I thought I should be able to upload a subtitle file. I’ll take another look and compare overall capabilities and reliability before choosing one or the other competing extension (or perhaps neither, if I can’t get subtitles that match the dubbed dialog).

That’s my one very big suggestion for improvement, but I understand that it might be too costly, depending on what options are available for implementation.

Ah, I misread your second reply. I think the only reasonably inexpensive approach would be to implement a way for users to tap a subtitle file they upload; then at least we’d have a hope of finding one out there that matches, or is closer to, the dubbing.