Suggested Feature:Custom Subtitles

I don’t know if the developers are still sticking with this project, but it’s seriously been a game-changer for me. Seriously one of the best language learning apps I’ve come across!

I just have a single feature suggestion that I think would be great for the app:allowing users to upload SRT files to add their own custom subtitles. The internet is full of high-quality subs for a variety of shows, which often go beyond the meagre amount Netflix offers. Other extensions allow you to superimpose these sub files onto your netflix videos, but since they’re not local netflix subtitles, none of LR’s features work on them.

I think it would be great if the app had an option to just upload your own subs, and circumvent the limited library Netflix has. Let me know what you think! And to the devs, once again, thanks for putting together such a great app!


bump! As a paid subscriber to LR, I strongly encourage the developers to add this funcationality.

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Same here. It’s clearly by far the most important thing missing for me.

Another bump as would be great to have!

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