Automatic pause issue

Hello ,
The automatic pause causes the browser to stop showing the Netflix content.

Please help (SOS)

Hi, I couldn’t reproduce this. Can you describe exactly what you did and what happened?

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When I activate the Automatically Pause after 10 minutes the content of Netflix stops and does not respond.

I am sure its the Automaticlly Pause because when its not activated the content has no issues. I need the Automaticlly Pause to be activated because it helps me much to study Spanish.

I hope you check this issue as soon as possible.

By the way this issue keeps happening for the last 3 weeks, It didn’t occur before that.
The problem cannot be solved by reloading the page.

Thank you so much

I’ve done some detailed tests, but couldn’t find any issue here… :confused: In case you have any other extensions installed, could try disabling them just to see if that helps?

Thanks for your response.
I noticed yesterday (after 18:00 GMT) the issue didn’t occur.
I hope it disappeared for ever.
Let’s see these days.
Thanks again