Can you change voice of Spanish Woman?

Hi, the pronunciation of the Spanish Woman is so annoying, very exaggerated at the end of most words, eg apago sounds like apagohhhhh. or tienes, tieneeeees I’ve never heard anyone speak like that in real life!

not only is it jarring to hear but when I’m going about my day thinking of spanish words, I’m starting to hear that voice in my head and I’m worried its going to affect my speaking!

It would be great to have a different voice, and if not just to be able to turn it off as its really unbearable for me! Thanks so much! <3

Yeah, it’s awful, I hate it too. :rofl: Will fix soon, will need to find something better.

Bumped ‘Nicer TTS voices’ from ‘Considering’ to ‘Top Priority’ on the TODO list.

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Thanks very much :smiley:

having the option to turn it off could be a first step if its going to be tricky/time consuming to replace it!

Ah, that’s already possilble. In settings, ‘on left mouse click’, you can disable TTS there.


Great. But I don’t want to disable it. Just to change the amazing voice to the Castillian Spanish dialect of Spain. The TTS sounds very much Latino. :wink: