Cannot sign in

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    Language Reactor

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When I click “Sign in with Google”, a white popup window opens but nothing else happens, no matter how long I wait. When I click “Alternative login method”, the button flips but nothing else happens on the page. Nothing new is shown. I tried doing this in incognito mode as well as using Chrome, Firefox and Edge, and I had the exact same result in all of them. If I can’t sign in I would like to cancel my pro subscription, but since I can’t log in it doesn’t seem like I can do even that. I will be forced to do a credit card chargeback at this rate, which sucks.


I noticed I am able to sign in on my phone, but not my PC.

After restarting my computer, when I click sign in, there is now a blue progress indication bar in the popup window, whereas before it was just completely white. It remains open and the progress animation runs for a short while (maybe 30-60 seconds) and then the popup window closes automatically, but I am not signed in. I guess something times out.

I discovered that after restarting, I can sign in through other browsers or through an incognito window in Chrome. It’s only in the Chrome window where I am signed into my Google profile that the issue occurs, which unfortunately is where I really need it to work.

If I sign out of my profile in Chrome and click sign in with Google, the popup will initially show the view where you can choose your Google profile, but as soon as I select it, it signs Chrome back into my profile, and the popup enters the same state it was in before I signed out, i. e. it shows the progress bar for a while, then closes without signing me in.

The problem magically went away by itself, possibly after a Chrome update.

Same, we need some changes in this firebase’s cookies problem!

Same problem here, how exactly did it go away?

I don’t remember the exact specifics, but like I mentioned, the problem may have stopped occurring right after updating Chrome. It may also have been after rebooting my computer. Aside from that, I don’t think I did anything in particular, because I wasn’t actively trying to solve the problem when the issue disappeared.

That’s weird.
I’ve been having the same problem for weeks, tried all the solutions I can found online. It’s still no working.

yo i fixed it, go to your extesnion, allow on incognito, and also allow on “all sites” something like that then click alternative sign in method and login to google account and it will say please wait, but then in another tab thats logged into netflix, open up language reactor and click sign in and it will magically sign in